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There are very few recipes in life. We are all unique.  I have assessed and treated thousands of people ranging from elite athletes to the barely mobile. While every individual is unique, there is one common thread for all of us -- we must connect to our body to feel our best. We must understand our weaknesses, harness our strengths and learn to move the way we were designed so beautifully to. This program works to strengthen you from the inside out. It connects you to your movements in a way very few others do. It compliments the fast-paced and often tuned-out life we are all living. It is time to tap into the subtleties of movement and stability to get phit and move on.....

"we all need to get phit"

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S T A R T   T H E   C A R ! ! ! 

As a bonus to the program, you will also receive a long resistance band and a loop band - free of charge and free delivery! Now you have NO excuses to skip out on any exercise. I've got your back...and your bands. 

Meg MacPherson Morine
Meg MacPherson Morine
Course Creator

Meg is a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor. Her unique skill-set makes her a sought-after practitioner with the highest orthopaedic designation in Canada.  Most importantly, she is incredibly passionate about reconnecting people with their bodies; as this is uniformly a reason so many people experience recurring pain, injury, and performance plateaus. Meg has designed this program for you to gain awareness of your body again. The relationship that you have with your body is undoubtedly the most important one you will ever have. She wants to work with you to make it stronger from the inside out, understand its challenges, and give it the tools it needs to carry you through life. Meg is an exceptional communicator and knowledgable practitioner. Her cues, her imagery and her quirky sense of humour will have you understanding your body in a way you never have before.

T H I S  P R O G R A M  I S  F O R:

  • The knee that gets cranky after too many stairs or a long walk / run and is calling for a little attention.
  • The shoulder that is sore to sleep on or feels a little more vulnerable when picking up a heavy load of groceries.
  • The ankle that likes to roll over on you in the most precarious situations.
  • The neck that feels strained and heavy after a long day at your desk.
  • The back that aches after the load of the day that is nudging you for a little extra support.
  • The body that feels generally weak and needs a reboot.
  • The body that is trying its best to keep up with your idea of  exercise - even if it's not doing it properly, or efficiently.
  • The body that just needs the mic for a minute to tell you where it needs a little extra help and where it is rocking' on and ready for more.
  • The body that is already capable and strong, but could function even better with focused attention.
  • The body that is ready for you to tune-in, reconnect and get phit. 

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As an endurance athlete that was consistently spending more time in the physiotherapy clinic then out running - I realized there was a big component missing from my training and rehabilitation - proper and progressive strengthening. This is where ...

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Postpartum Recovery

After having two babies in under two years I was feeling completely disconnected from my body. I used to be an active and able person - running, yoga, sport and weight-lifting had all been important and regular parts of my life, but I was struggli...

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After three kids in three years, I have been looking for a safe, gentle and effective way to feel like myself again. Bonus points if I can do it in a nursing tank top in my living room! The Get Phit + Move On program is the perfect solution - ...

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Exercise Properly

Thanks Meg! The exercises are so easy to follow and I feel like I’m finally doing them properly - the video explanations really helped me feel the difference. Such a great concept to mix fitness and rehab!

Your body is your most valuable possession and most important investment. 

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